Curved Stairlifts

What is a curved stairlift? 

A curved stairlift is a stairlift that is specifically designed to be used on a curved staircase where a straight stairlift wouldn’t be appropriate. It’s a great option for people who have difficulty navigating the stairs in their multi-story homes because it allows them to move up and down the staircase easily and safely.

What are the benefits of curved stairlifts? 

Having a curved stairlift can provide access to all floors of your home if you can’t go up and down the stairs or if doing so has become too difficult or unsafe. Having a curved staircase doesn’t have to mean you can’t have a stairlift installed since our curved stairlifts are customized to fit your staircase regardless of any curves or bends in it. Having a stairlift can also help many seniors maintain their independence.

How much does a curved stairlift cost? 

Curved stairlifts are custom designed for your home, and the cost can vary greatly depending on which model and features you choose. The size and complexity of your staircase can also affect the cost since larger, more complicated systems will cost more than basic ones. Curved stairlifts generally run somewhere between $8,500 and $14,000.

How safe is a curved stairlift? 

Curved stairlifts are very safe when they are installed and used properly, and it’s much safer for people with limited mobility to use a stairlift than it is to climb the stairs without one. Our curved staircases also have built-in safety features, including seat belts and motion sensors that stop the unit if something is in its way.

Can I install my own curved stairlift? 

Your curved stairlift should only be installed by trained installers who will make sure everything is assembled and installed correctly and safely. They will make sure everything is working as it should before they leave your home. If you try to install the unit yourself, you will void your warranty.

Are my stairs suitable for a curved stairlift? 

Curved stairlifts are used in situations when staircases are not straight. If you have a curved staircase and you want a stairlift, you should be able to have a curved stairlift installed. Our trained professionals will come out to your home, assess the situation, and recommended options for you.

How long will it take before my curved stairlift can be installed? 

Your curved stairlift will be custom-made to fit your staircase. The timeframe to design your unit will depend on which model and features you choose, as well as how large or complex your staircase is. Most stairlifts can be installed within a couple of weeks of the order, but more complex designs may take longer. We will do everything we can to help you get your new stairlift installed as soon as possible.

How will my curved stairlift be installed? 

Our trained professionals will meet with you at your home to help you determine which type of curved stairlift is right for you and to take measurements. After your unit is designed and built, our trained installers will install the stairlift right over your existing staircase. They will also make sure you know how to use it properly and safely before they leave your home.

What are the weight capacities for curved stairlifts? 

The weight capacities for curved stairlifts vary according to which model you choose, but most of them can carry up to 300 pounds. Our trained professionals can help you choose a staircase that is right for you.